Headquartered in Minnesota, UpNorth-Vet has over 30 years experience providing national IT consulting services. We work with a variety of clients including Fortune 500/1000 companies, and state and local agencies. In addition, we are proud to support Federal contracts.

IT Consulting and Staffing – A Different Approach, A Different Outcome

At UpNorth-Vet we understand how critical information technology is in today’s business and government operations. That’s why our IT candidates are proven experts with the experience that you need. But we also know skills are only part of what drives success. Every organization depends on people who value teamwork, responsibility, commitment and a drive for excellence. Those are the values that drive our own company. And that’s why we designed a recruitment process to find candidates with unmatched IT skills and the values that organizations depend on.

It takes time, but we think it’s important to know who we’re recruiting, not just what they can do. We are committed to our candidates, our clients and to the future veterans whose businesses will follow ours.

It’s a heavy ethical and business responsibility; we’re up to it.

Recruiting IT Candidates for Your Company: A Personal Approach

At UpNorth-Vet we don’t just gather lists of qualified IT professionals and refer candidates. Our database of over 18000 Developers, Data Specialists, Applications specialists, Program Managers and Analysts, Graphic Designers, Software Architects and other IT professionals is only the beginning.

Once we find the best Information Technology professionals in the business, we meet them face to face. Through a rigorous interview process, we evaluate candidates in frank encounters so that we know the person, the values, and the skills of every candidate we recommend. When we’re satisfied that we’ve found the best, then – and only then – we recommend them to the companies, government organizations and small businesses where they’re needed for temporary, contract, and contract-to-hire positions.

Our IT Staffing Experience and Your Success

Expert candidates who are personally recruited; clients who are highly satisfied. It's a formula for success - both yours and ours. Because when you succeed, we do. It's that simple.

With more than 30 years of experience, we understand how Information Technology works and can work. We know how to anticipate the latest trends and possibilities, and we recruit the candidates with the knowledge and values to contribute to your success. And when they do, they help build ours.

Country, Honor, Responsibilty and Ethics, they define more than the ideals veterans serve; they define who we are.